Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (RocDyn-3), Trondheim , Norway, 26-27 June 2018

Contents for papers

  1. fileTwo-ways dynamic shear testing of rock discontinuities, O. Aydan, et al.
  2. fileNumerical simulations on failure and stress wave propagation in solid materials using a 3D lattice spring model, T. Nishimura, et al.
  3. fileDynamic response of support systems during the excavation of underground openings, O. Aydan, et al.
  4. fileDynamic stability of rock slopes and the effect of reinforcement against planar sliding, Y Takahashi, et al.
  5. fileStick-slip behavior of rock discontinuities by difference in rock types, R. Kiyota, et al.
  6. fileExperimental study on seismic stability of foundation rocks under critical facilities, M. Ishimaru, et al.
  7. fileValidation of a mathematical model for evaluating the dynamic shear, T. Okada, et al.
  8. fileSeismic characteristics of field measurements and numerical analyses of an underground quarry in Oya, T. Seiki, et al.
  9. fileSome considerations on the stability and design of underground structures during earthquakes, K.Kamemura, et al.
  10. fileDamage to rock engineering structures induced by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, O. Aydan, et al.
  11. fileDynamic response and stability of some historical masonry structures subjected to ground shaking, N. Tokashiki, et al.
  12. fileSimulation of strong motions and surface rupture of the 2014 Northern Nagano Earthquake, N. Iwata, et al.
  13. fileStatus of rock dynamics study in Horonobe underground research laboratory, Japan, T. Sato, et al.
  14. fileDesign and performance of the foundation of the tsunami protection wall at the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, M. Wani