Proceedings of 2019 Rock Dynamics Summit in Okinawa (RDS2019), Okinawa, Japan, 7-11 May 2019

Contents for papers

  1. fileSeismic response and stability of rock tunnels—its history and problems today, K. Kamemura
  2. fileAssessment of a complex large slope failure at Kislakoy open pit mine, Turkey, R. Ulusay, et al.
  3. fileEvaluation of elastic region of the surrounding bedrock using the cyclic unconfined compression test of rocks, K. Murakami, et al.
  4. fileStudy on dynamic shear strength and deformation characteristics of rock discontinuityJ. Yoshida, et al.
  5. fileThe behaviour of Oya tuff pillars under static and shock loading, T.K.M. Dintwe, et al.
  6. fileExperimental study of scale effect in rock discontinuities on stick-slip behaviour, R. Kiyota, et al.
  7. fileDynamic shear strength of an artificial rock joint under cyclic and seismic wave loading, T. Okada, et al.
  8. fileShock test on rounded rock fragments in Suruga Bay sediments and its implications on past mega-earthquakes, I. Sakamoto, et al.
  9. fileThe effect of characteristics of back-filling material on the seismic response and stability of castle retaining-walls, Y. Yamashiro, et al.
  10. fileAn experimental study on the formation mechanism of tsunami boulders, K. Shimohira, et al.
  11. fileSome considerations on the static and dynamic shear testing on rock discontinuities, O. Aydan.
  12. fileEffects of fault geometry and subsurface structure model on the strong motion and surface rupture induced by the 2014 Kamishiro Fault Nagano Earthquake, N. Iwata, et al.
  13. fileComparison of stress field change around a fault by dynamic fault rupture simulation using 3D-FEM, N. Iwata, et al.
  14. fileGround motion estimation at Kabul city for Mw 7.5 Hindu Kush earthquake, N.Z. Nasiry, et al.
  15. fileSource modeling of the mid-scale crustal earthquake by forward modeling using the empirical Green's function method, T. Ikeda, et al.
  16. fileCentrifugal model tests on the seismic stability of rock foundations under critical facilities, A. Sekiguchi,
  17. fileA fundamental study on the foundations in Ryukyu Limestone Formation and the shear properties of interfaces and discontinuities under static and dynamic loading conditions, Y. Araki, et al.
  18. fileDesign of the tsunami protection wall against mega earthquakes and huge tsunamis, M. Wani, et al.
  19. fileConsideration of structural stability for Oya underground quarry with dynamic response, T. Seiki, et al.
  20. fileAn experimental study on the effects of earthquake faulting on rock engineering structures, Y. Ohta, et al.
  21. fileAttempt of lignite pit exploration by seismic tomography using directional drilling borehole, K. Kiho, et al.
  22. fileAn integrated study on the risk assessment of Abuchiragama karstic underground shelter (Okinawa, Japan) under static and dynamic conditions, H. Inoue, et al.
  23. fileA study on the dynamic and multi-parameter responses of Yanbaru Underground Powerhouse, O. Aydan et al.
  24. fileThe effect of cave-filling of abandoned lignite mines in Tokai Region, Japan against an anticipated mega-earthquake, T. Ito, et al.
  25. fileSome considerations on the failure of Guney Waterfall, Denizli, Turkey, H. Kumsar, et al.
  26. fileNumerical simulation on progressive failure in rock slope using a 3D lattice spring model, T. Nishimura, et al.
  27. fileModel tests on rock slopes prone to wedge sliding and some case histories from recent earthquakes, H. Kumsar, et al.
  28. fileAn experimental study on the dynamic stability of overhanging cliffs, K. Horiuchi, et al.
  29. fileSeismic stability evaluation verification of slopes reinforced with prevention piles, H. Kobayakawa, et al.
  30. fileCharacteristics and mechanisms of earthquake-induced landslides according to recent events and studies, S. Komata.
  31. fileThe dynamic response and stability of discontinuous rock slopes, O. Aydan.
  32. fileStudy on the stability of stone wall in earthquake by discontinuous deformation analysis, G.C. Ma, et al.
  33. fileThe numerical analysis of response and stability of stone masonry bridges in Aizanoi Antique City in Kiitahya Province of Turkey, J. Tomiyama, et al.
  34. fileSome examples of damage to rock masonry structures caused by recent earthquakes, N. Tokashiki, et al.
  35. fileNumerical simulations on the seismic stability of rock foundations under critical facilities via dynamic nonlinear analysis, M. Ishimaru, et al.
  36. fileThe dynamic response of Horonobe Underground Research Center during the 2018 June 20 earthquake, T. Sato, et al.
  37. fileMechanical behaviour and characteristics of rocks subjected to shock loads, S. Kodate, et al.
  38. fileConsideration on setting of detonation time interval of control blast, H. Takamura, et al.